Rogers Charity Car Show: Be There and Help

Roger's Charity Car Show - For All of You Car Lovers-08It all started back in the early 1950’s when Cromwell Rogers opened a body shop at Western and Columbus in the town of Chicago. After a time, he also added towing services in addition to fixing cars to all of his costumers. In the 70’s Cromwell’s father bought a tow truck. It was a 1968. The business was successful for 8 long years, but he eventually had to sell his towing company. So, you can see clearly that towing business and trucks have always been a great passion of the whole Rogers family, a tradition, if you will, that was passed down from father to son. The Rogers Towing company that we know today has more than 20 years of experience in the field of towing cars and other vehicles. It is owned since 1999 by Cromwell’s grandson.

The main location of their towing company is located in Mokoena, where their offices are, but they also have two other locations in Orlando Park and Frankfort. They also provide services to these three places as well as: New Lenox, Tinley Park, Oak Forest, Midlothian, Homer Green and Matteson among others, so if you ever need their help and you are in one of these places, you should just make a simple phone call.

Rogers Towing business also organizes a charity car show every year in Tinsley Park. This is a fundraiser and ever year, the tickets and donations that are collected here are given to a different organization. The last year, most of the money went to an organization called “Lincolnway Special Recreation Association (LWRSA), which helps children and adults with mental or physical disabilities. The choice was actually pretty easy for Rogers since he already had a family member who had a similar problem and LWSRA was there to help him.

Roger's Charity Car Show - For All of You Car Lovers-07The entrance fee to this charity car show was just 10$ for adults and 5$ for seniors and veterans, while the participants of LWRSA, police men and women in their uniforms and children younger than 12 could just get in for free here.

Every year, Rogers Towing in Mokoena does a new charity event car show. If you know of an organization that would benefit from this fundraiser, visit the Rogers Charity Car Show main webpage and let them know. There is always an organization that would greatly benefit from this. For instance, the next fundraiser could be directed toward the organizations dedicated to breast cancer research or to the veterans from one of the recent wars. The list of organizations that you could be helping is pretty large.

So, to conclude this article, it’s really a great thing that Rogers Towing company from Mokoena is doing every year with their charity car show. This not only that greatly people and organizations who are trying to help someone, but you also get to see some really cool custom cars made by car enthusiasts and discuss this of yours passion with them.